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Sonia Bible is an internationally award-winning writer/director. Her debut film ‘Recipe For Murder’, a 52-minute docu-drama won a Silver Hugo Award at the prestigious Chicago International Film Festival in 2011. When broadcast on the ABC in 2011, Recipe For Murder received rave reviews and high ratings. Sonia was awarded the NSW Premier's History Award, 2011 and was a finalist in the F4 Film Festival for Outstanding Emerging Documentary Talent at Adelaide Festival, 2012.

Sonia Bible has post-graduate qualifications in screenwriting from the University of Technology Sydney and an extensive background in post-production. Sonia has just completed writing and directing a half hour docu-drama 'Muriel Matters', starring Brooke Satchwell. 'Muriel Matters' will premiere at Adelaide Film Festival 2013 and screen on ABC Artscape.

Sonia is currently working with acclaimed producer Mike Bluett on her next major documentary film 'The Witch of Kings Cross'.